Hi, my name is Tahmid Chowdhury, and I am a transformational coach and writer. I drive positive change.

I believe in the power of humans to shift the status quo. We do this by harnessing the power of difference – difference of ideas, background and thought. This makes us stronger.

We are held back by our structures around us, which stop us from changing the world. Whether that be the organisations around us, societal expectations or our own beliefs about ourselves.

I coach people to overcome the challenges they face to make the world a better place.

I write a weekly newsletter, based upon personal development, diversity & inclusion and organisational culture. I host the podcast ‘Behind the Suit and Tie’, where I speak to people from different walks of life to ask them more about their lives, interests and what their personal motivations are.

Outside of work, I love to travel and learn languages. I speak English, French and Spanish. I am currently taking weekly classes to learn Bengali. To wind down I also do yoga (when I get the chance!)


My Book

Make Diversity Matter to You: Increase Your Confidence In Tackling The Diversity Issues You Face In Your Organisation

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Latest Blogs

  • The importance of trusting our own senses
    Earlier this week, I woke up at 4am with the distinct smell of burning coming through my nose. The last time I smelt something like this, I ignored it. I thought that my sense of smell was playing tricks on me. Turns out that there was actually something on the stove downstairs burning to a smoke. So this time, I got up to investigate.
  • Taking time to appreciate our physical bodies
    My injuries have been relatively minor. This has meant that I somewhat forgot how frustrating and painful it can be when we have an injury. Yet getting one also is a reminder of how well our bodies function – most of the time we use them without even thinking much about how much they do. On Tuesday, I rolled my ankle whilst walking down Brussels’ infamous pavements with a random hole in the middle of it.
  • The tale of the misplaced wallet
    Grand philosophical ideas around peace and harmony are great. But they are only useful if they can hold up when coming into contact with our real, messy and unpredictable lives. This week I had the fortune (or misfortune) to be tested on my worldviews. On Wednesday, when looking to leave the house I simply could not find my wallet. After a rather long search I came to the conclusion that I must have dropped it when coming off the bus the day before. Here I had a choice of how I reacted to the situation.

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