I’m Tahmid. I am a transformational coach who supports individuals and businesses to continually improve and be the best version of themselves. As a professional, I work on policy-making and Diversity and Inclusion within the UK Government.

I greatly believe in the importance of Diversity and Inclusion in the modern economy. As a coach, I work with senior executives, D&I practitioners and those with a particular interest in Diversity and Inclusion to better understand their own views and what positive impact they can make in the world.

Through my proven track record of success, I have developed corporate Diversity and Inclusion Strategies, as well as targeted Race initiatives. I developed race training material and presented at senior boards with recommendations on how to improve racial diversity in the workplace.

Outside of work, I love to travel and learn languages. I speak English, French and Spanish. I am currently taking weekly classes to learn Bengali, and have also done courses in German, Dutch and Italian. To wind down I also do yoga (when I get the chance!)

I host a Facebook group to discuss diversity matters, where we share best tips and latest discussion points. This is open to anyone interested in Diversity and Inclusion. If you’d like to join, follow this link here. I also host monthly discussions on Diversity too.


Latest Blogs

  • What adult biking lessons taught me about successful sustainability policy
    Having recently moved to Brussels, it was about time I built up my confidence of cycling. By chance, I found a bike shop that runs adult cycling lessons. So figuring I would probably put it off otherwise, I signed myself up during the summer and let me future-self worry about the logistics. Perhaps it was because the practice session was right in front of the European Parliament, however I could not help but make observations around what adult biking lessons meant from a wider policy perspective.
  • Doing good deeds without expecting rewards will give you better outcomes.
    Acting with kindness and supporting others are ideas that most people will get behind. As humans, we are hard wired to want to help others in their problems. We like the idea of doing something that will genuinely help others. Quite often we act to help others, though implicitly have some expectation of reward at the end. The ironic thing in life is that often doing things without expecting a reward will ultimately bring you better reward than if you actively tried.
  • How I prepared for big changes in my life
    I’ve been on my own personal rollercoaster this month. I’ve just finished moving countries during a pandemic, where I returned to my flat in London that I haven’t been in for over a year. In total, I’ve taken 6 PCR tests (all negative!), completed two separate quarantines, moved out of a flat and signed my contract for my new job after having finished my final day in the last one. I wanted to write a little bit about how I prepared for this pretty grueling few weeks. Ahead of time, I wasn’t particularly looking forward to my month of July due to these reasons. I’ve made life-changing decisions in an intense time pressure, all the while worrying that one positive COVID test would through all my moving-out plans out of the window. Such decisions aren’t easy at the best of times, but they are even more complicated during a worldwide pandemic.

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