Hi, my name is Tahmid Chowdhury, and I am a transformational coach and writer. I drive positive change.

I believe in the power of humans to shift the status quo. We do this by harnessing the power of difference – difference of ideas, background and thought. This which makes us stronger.

We are held back by our structures around us, which stop us from changing the world. Whether that be the organisations around us, societal expectations or our own beliefs about ourselves.

I coach people to overcome the challenges they face to make the world a better place.

I write a weekly newsletter, based upon personal development, diversity & inclusion and organisational culture. I host the podcast ‘Behind the Suit and Tie’, where I speak to people from different walks of life to ask them more about their lives, interests and what their personal motivations are.

Outside of work, I love to travel and learn languages. I speak English, French and Spanish. I am currently taking weekly classes to learn Bengali. To wind down I also do yoga (when I get the chance!)


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Latest Blogs

  • What game are you playing in life?
    I’m in Italy this week. We’ve spent the last few days going into different towns in Puglia. It’s been refreshing getting out of my own comfort zone and awakening to a different culture I hadn’t properly seen before. Yesterday, we played a few rounds of a card game called Scopa. Unsurprisingly, I wasn’t particularly good at this game when I first played. Some of the faces of the cards can be confusing as to what number they correspond to, and I didn’t really get the rhythm of the game either. I often took a few cards off the table, leaving only one or two left, allowing the next player to clear the table and get a point through ‘scopa’. I found playing a new game a really interesting analogy of trying new things in life.
  • What does working with a coach look like in practice?
    You may have come across the idea of a ‘coach’. You’ve certainly seen sports coaches too. But what does it actually look like to work with a coach on personal development? Different coaches have different styles. It’s why it’s important to find someone that you feel will genuinely help you. Like any profession, unfortunately there are coaches which give it a bad name. It doesn’t take long to find get-rich-quick schemes or people who get their sales by pressuring people into paying for something that isn’t right for them. I take the time to speak with people several times before even looking at the idea of a client relationship. Coaching is a personal, transformative experience, and you would only want to do that with someone you can genuinely trust and you think can genuinely help you. If I believe I’m not that person for you, I’d much prefer you find someone else who will fit what you’re looking for.
  • Why a £2000 cheque doesn’t make you as happy as you think it would
    Yesterday, I was running around a little frantically between meetings. I take my lunch breaks seriously, but I also try and cook a proper lunch within them when I can. I saw an ominous letter on the table. It was from HMRC, the UK’s tax authority. It had been redirected from my old flat in London. Cue internal fear as to whether I had broken the law in some way, or owed a lot of money to someone, despite not having even seen the letter contents. The reality was the opposite – I had overpayed tax in the UK over the last year.

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