I have a number of packages which I provide. I offer a collaborative and supportive approach in my coaching, tailored to your individual needs. If you are interested in something more bespoke, please do get in touch.

Developing your Leadership in Diversity and Inclusion (6 sessions/90 days~)
This programme is for those wanting to better build themselves as true leaders in Diversity and Inclusion. You may be a leader of an organisation who wants to build your own competence in the area, a D&I practitioner looking for new ways to make an impact or simply an individual who wants to do more to bring change to the world.

What’s included:
– six 60 minute coaching sessions
– Ongoing support via online communication (whatsapp, email, linkedin etc.)
– Materials on Diversity and Inclusion tailor-made by me and support for issues that you may be facing.
Example areas covered:
– Understanding Diversity and Inclusion and why it matters to you (including the use of the CUBE model I developed)
– How to increase impact of initiatives and navigating organisational culture
– Building your Inclusive Leadership, with use of Deloitte’s Inclusive Leadership model
– Understanding your ‘Shadow’: what areas you find uncomfortable and why

Price: £400 / €450

Developing yourself through Life Coaching (six sessions/90 days~)
This programme is for you as an individual looking to develop yourself. This may be through a career change or understanding what you want to do in life. This programme will help you understand more about yourself, your values and motivations, and what you want your legacy to be from your life.

What’s included:
– six 60 minute coaching sessions
– Ongoing support via online communication (whatsapp, email, linkedin etc.)
– Materials and implementation of the best renowned models on Coaching, including Transactional Analysis, Shadow Work, Positive Psychology and Mindfulness.
Example areas covered:
– Navigating Career change and understanding base line motivations
– Ongoing support towards a current challenge or goal, moving country or entering a new stage of a relationship
– Building greater resilience and understanding of dealing with uncertainties and difficulties within life

Price: £400/€450

One-off 60 minute Coaching
For those that are looking for an hour of coaching on the topic that is most on their mind. This may be related to whatever you wish, but may include issues such as an upcoming challenge or difficulty, or support with a Diversity and Inclusion initiative in the immediate term.
Price: £80 / €90

If you are interested in any of these programmes, please do get in touch and we can arrange a discussion as to whether this will best suit your needs.
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