Going through a period of brain fog

I’ve been feeling quite bogged down in the last few days. I even had a day sick off work. Part of this has been combating what I’d describe as ‘brain fog’. I’m not doing terribly, but I’m also noticing my brain is not working as quickly as it usually does.

Now, I’m sure we all go through periods of not being fully in control of our brains. For me, I’m finding my mind feeling quite cloudy, and not fully being able to concentrate. The things that we usually find easy feel a lot more burdensome. We can’t seem to activate our brains as quickly as we usually do.

I’m fortunate that I haven’t been hit by COVID, but I know people who have, and the lasting effect of tiredness has been negatively affecting their ability to think. This has a knock-on effect through their work.

I think the particularly scary part of it is the fear of somehow losing our ability. When I’m not as quick at reading a report, I feel like I’ve somehow lost my skill, and so my worth has decreased. I worry that a part of me is gone because I’m not quite as good at doing the

things as I used to be.

Now, this is usually just a panicked reaction. Particularly when for me it’s been a case of needing some rest. For me, after some time I feel back in control. And ironically, the point at which I am not worrying about losing my ability is the point where I don’t seem to have a problem. I’m growing in the belief that it’s as much worrying about losing my ability that is the issue than any fatigue. The stress and anxiety is actually the issue.

I’m aware that some people have been sick for quite some time. It feels demoralising to no longer do the activities that they used to be able to do. Long COVID has hit people who no longer can be active as per their past life. My hope is that these symptoms will go away over time, and people can return to their own state. But even if not, we’re not defined by how quickly we can read an article or answer a question in a meeting. Periods of illness give us time to reflect on what is really important in life.

So whenever you are next ill, or not feeling as sharp as you usually are, remember that this is probably a passing phase. And even if it’s something that is longer lasting (or even chronic), this is not the end of you. The fact we are alive and healthy is a gift. Particularly so in these difficult times of a pandemic and war.

Have you experienced brain fog?

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